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Our newly refurbished and spacious live room is the perfect setting to get your creative productivity flowing. Equally inviting is the control room where the magic happens - hear your creative master-piece come to life.

Once you're happy with your mix the finished article will be fully mastered and available to you in any format you require.

Use our state of the art Clearsonic isolation booth to perfectly control your vocal and drum levels whilst Matt captures your performance on the legendary Allen & Heath ML5000 console. Warm and clear pre-amplifier stages plus practical and comprehensive analogue EQ ensure the best possible sound is captured at the recording stage - long before we've even started mixing.


Mix-down can be done 3-ways:

A: a quick mix using the computer and MOTU AudioDesk for an ITB set

B: Creating a complex and full featured  OTB set by using our digital flagship mixer; the Yamaha DM2000 - it's an awesome mixer.

Lastly - option C - we can mix using all analogue - real outboard, real inserts, real knobs - real gear! Using up to 30 channels on the ML5000 plus the FX returns from the GL3000 for a full analogue mix - big, full and warm!


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Half Day

4 hours recording time plus mixing and mastering

Full Day

8 hours recording time plus mixing and mastering


Book 2 or 4 days in the studio to be used at your convenience over a month.